Linda Hampton


  Cert Ed, ALAM

Linda has an ALAM from LAMDA. She has played countless roles in theatre including Maria in Twelfth Night, Tchaikovsky's patron, Madame Von Meck, The Silkworm in James and the Giant Peach and Mole in Wind in the Willows amongst others. Her latest role is Miss Spellbound in 'Miss Spellbound's Suitcase Stories' which is currently touring around Lancashire. To book 'Miss Spellbound' visit

Here below are some of the highlights from Linda's extensive CV.

Miss Spellbound                                                    Miss Spellbound's Suitcase Stories Lytham festival                        Alex O'toole/Fable Arts 

Fairy Virtue                                                            Mother Goose      Tivoli Theatre, Wimbourne                                  Tim Lince/ Pendle productions

Voice of Mamma Dragon                                      The Dragon Who Lost His Home UK tour                                        Tim Lince/ Pendle productions

Mrs Wotsit                                                              Mrs Wotsit’s Time Machine/ NW Tour                                              Actitout/Linda Hampton

Paige Turner                                                          In Search of Planet Christmas/NW Tour                                          Actitout/Linda Hampton       

Puppeteer                                                              The Very Hungry Caterpiller/NW Tour                                             Dragon's Mouth Puppet Theatre

Puppeteer                                                              Theseus and the Minotaur/ NW Tour                                               Dragon's Mouth Puppet Theatre

Mole +other characters                                          The Wind in the Willows                                                                  Tim Lince/ Pendle Productions

Sister Marie                                                            MATA-The Musical/Blackpool Grand Theatre                                 Eye of the Dawn/ Stuart Brayson

Princess/Fairy                                                       Jack and the Beanstalk/NW Tour                                                      John Slater/Bijou Theatre Company

Our Mum                                                                What we did in the war,Daddy/NW Tour                                          John Slater/Bijou Theatre Company

Mary Tudor                                                             The Queen and the Martyr/Buxton Festival                                     The Group Theatre Co/Colin Skipp

Maria                                                                      Twelfth Night /Workshop Production                                                 Armstrong Arts/ Michael  Armstrong

Madame Von Meck                                                 A Different Love/Buxton Festival/ NW Tour                                     The Group Theatre Co/Colin Skipp

The Silkworm                                                          James and the Giant Peach/Riverside Theatre Coleraine               Tim Lince/ Pendle productions