Linda Hampton


  Cert Ed, ALAM

Actitout and Fun Valley

Actitout is now working in an exciting collaboration with Fun Valley Events to provide inspiring, confidence- building and fun drama workshops in schools throughout Lancashire. We are combining our devotion to drama and theatre with our emphasis on enjoyment,  to offer engaging and educational sessions which aim to promote creativity, confidence, team working, independence skills and the inspiration for children and young adults to understand and explore who they are, and what they can achieve.

Why Actitout?

Actitout was established by actor and drama facilitator, Linda Hampton Cert Ed, ALAM, and she  delivers drama workshops to a wide range of students, including primary age children, young people and adults, including those with learning disabilities, to develop confidence and creativity through the medium of drama. Linda has a natural flair and ability to inspire her students through her easy informal style and has had many successes over the years with shy or reluctant students developing confidence and greater participation through her supportive and nurturing approach.

Linda at Actitout firmly believes that drama can provide children and young people with a safe environment to experiment with emotions, ideas, speech and role play. A child’s confidence is how they feel about themselves, their trust in their own abilities, qualities and judgment, as well as their ability to carry themselves with assurance. Drama can help in a variety of ways -developing language and communication, problem solving, and empathy, social awareness and physical awareness. It also promotes new friendships through trust building and teamwork, nurturing supportive relationships and increasing confidence.

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Why Fun Valley?

Fun is not frivolous! It is vitally important for development, behaviour and learning. Research shows that enjoying team and group activities can increase confidence and self-esteem as well as providing educational and social learning opportunities through safe experimentation and modelling. Giving children the opportunity to take their focus off classroom style learning and the stresses and strains of growing up, allows them the space and environment to grow and develop in new and exciting ways which, incidentally, has been shown to also improve educational and social achievement.

Fun Valley is an entertainment and educational company which was created by Amy Charnley-Parry who has an MA in Educational Psychology with research interests in the prevention of social and behavioural difficulties, and resilience to diversity. More concisely, in the words of Dr Seuss:

“These things are FUN, and FUN is good!”

Go to Fun Valley for more information about the other services that they have to offer.

In short, the skills learned and developed in drama

are not just skills for the stage performer



Workshop options

Weekly drama sessions

We can offer regular weekly, hour long drama workshops for primary school children, usually split into KS1 and KS2 groups. These workshops can take place either during the school day or as an after school club. The sessions focus on improvisation, critical thinking, acting skills and group work. There will be the opportunity for children to lead in the creation of a short production for pupils and/or parents at the end of each block.


Half or full day workshops booked as a one off or short series for primary schools.

Skills/confidence based:  Half or full day workshops provide opportunities to develop skills including improvisation, decision making, group work, and understanding body language, facial expression and gesture. Pupils will be encouraged to explore their speaking, listening, movement, acting and independent thinking skills within a creative drama framework. This is a fantastic opportunity for pupils to take time out of the curriculum whilst still supporting development and learning opportunities through novel activities based around popular and thought provoking themes and stories.

Curriculum based: Half or full day workshops as described above, worked around core reading or themes in the English or History syllabus. The full day workshop will lead to a short performance to parents and/or children at the end of the day. This is an ideal way to bring subjects to life, and to inspire the children to really understand and think critically and creatively around key subjects.


Termly Classes and workshops

After school classes £6 per child per session (booked in termly blocks, usually paid for by parents/carers)

Workshops during the school day £120 per session

Half or full day workshops booked as a one off or short series for primary schools.

Half day workshop/s: £275

Full day workshop/two half day workshops: £400